Ride the DLR now! a  realvideo ride
For those of you who have never been on a DLR train, here's a video of the ride from Royal Albert to Beckton Park. A front window view of all 649 metres and 4 cm of the ride in Real video format.
You need the FREE realplayer available from http://www.real.com to view the video.
Some clip info:
File size1.5 Mb (1.574.183 bytes)
Frame rate10 frames/second
Data rate200 kbps
Duration1 min 1.9 sec
Pixels180 x 144
Estimated download time:
28k8 modem 9 minutes
33k6 modem 8 minutes
56k modem 5 minutes
64k ISDN 4 minutes
512k cable 30 secs
Just to give you an idea of what you'll get to see, here are two stills from the video grabbed from realplayer playing this clip in full-screen mode.
To view the video click HERE. To save the file to your harddisk hold a shift key while clicking.

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