The Stratford route Poplar - Stratford
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Trains from and to Stratford use the two centre tracks at Poplar station. The line runs at ground level and turns north, with the elevated track to beckton passing over it. The first stop is All Saints station after which the line continues at or just below ground level towards Devons Road station. Both stations have 2 side platforms below ground level. On their way to Bow Church station the trains go through a concrete tunnel which was built when this railway was still used for freight traffic, long before DLR existed. North of Bow Church station the line continues single track to Pudding Mill station.
Pudding mill station, click for full size Pudding mill lane
This part of the line runs alongside the main railway line to Liverpool Street. When the Stratford route first opened, the capacity of the line was limited by the single-track part between Bow Church and the Stratford terminus. To increase capacity a passing loop was later added at Pudding Mill Lane station allowing two trains to be on that part of the line at any time. At the moment DLR uses the previously unused platform 4 at Stratford as a terminus but there are plans to expand the line by about 400 metres to Stratford International station.
Stratford, click for full size Stratford bus station, click for full size
Here you can interchange with Railway services, London Underground (central line) and a number of bus lines at stratford bus station. Stratford rail station is being modernised at the moment, pictures and details can be found on the Jubilee line extension website, a link to this site can be found on my links page.

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