Things to see around the DLR
On this page you will find some of the locations in and around London Docklands that are worth visiting. Click any of the pictures below to go to the photo-page of that location. Many more pictures will be added in the next weeks so don't forget to come back soon. All pictures were shot in july 1995, july 1996, july 1997, july 1998 and september 1999. The cameras i used are a Canon Eos 600 (50-110mm) for all night shots and some of the daylight shots, and a Fujifilm DL-270 for the flash pictures and some of the other daylight shots which can be easily recognised as they're all out of focus and underexposed.
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The Lloyds building near Bank station in central London
The West India Quay to Canary Wharf footbridge
The Royal Dock footbridge connecting Britannia Village with ExCeL
Canary Wharf ** Page not yet available **

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