DLR routes and stations 
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Map of all dlr-routes
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When the DLR opened in 1987, it consisted of 3 seperate routes meeting at Poplar: Later, at the end of march 1994, the Beckton extension opened, as the fourth DLR route, making it necessary to rebuild and extend Poplar station into a four-track station with two island platforms. An overhead footbridge links those two platforms with Poplar High Street on one side and a pedestrian walkway to West India Quay on the other side. In september 1996 the construction of the Lewisham extension started. It is expected to open in october 1999.

Poplar footbridge, click for full size
DLR stations are designed to be easily accessible by wheelchair users, there are lifts or ramps to street level and platforms are at train-floor level. There's just a 75 mm gap between the train and the platform. Most stations are unstaffed and equipped with closed-circuit television to insure safety for the passengers.

All platforms are equipped with modern train indicators showing the current time and destinations of the next 3 or 4 trains together with their estimated arrival times.
The new train indicators, click for one you don't want to see!

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