Royal Dock footbridge
This new footbridge can be found just to the south of Custom House station. It is still under construction and not yet open for the public. Once it is finished it will connect 1000 new homes south of the dock, called Britannia Village, with ExCeL, London's largest exhibition centre, which is at the moment nothing more than a very large building site. The photos were shot from Britannia Village using my Fuji camera and 100 iso Fuji film. As with most cheap (a little less than 100 uk pounds) cameras, the pictures are out of focus and darker in the corners. If anyone has better pictures, please send them to me, they will be published here with full credits to the owner. The large versions of the images are just over 70 Kb and will take some time to download over slow connections. Click the images for the full version

Docklands Light railway page / R.P.F. Consemulder / / 12 september 1999