The footbridge from West India Quay to Canary Wharf
If you ever visit London docklands late in the evening, be sure to have a look at this footbridge. It is lit bright green from under the bridge and it has some special lighting effects when walking over it, the lights on the left and the right change color when walking to the other side. The bridge itself floats on the water as you will feel when a dlr-train passes West India Quay station, also try jumping a few times in the middle, you'll feel the result of your work for a long time... All these pictures were taken using a Canon Eos 600 camera on Fuji 100 iso film, all at f/11 for optimal focus along the whole bridge. All images are between 60 and 75 Kb in size, Click an image to get the large version.

Docklands Light railway page / R.P.F. Consemulder / / 12 september 1999