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Controlcentre seen from Poplar

New Control Centre at Poplar

Inside the controlcentre
From here all DLR trains are monitored and the service is regulated. If anything goes wrong it's those people together with the staff onboard the train who solve the problems.

Inside the controlcentre
From this part of the NCC all platforms are watched around the clock. If there's anything wrong a single push on the alarm button will instantly put you in contact with the people over here.

main view screen
A better look at the main viewscreen.

terminal keyboard and screen
From this terminal commands can be fed into the Vehice Control Computers (VCC), this one is for VCC2.

Line overview screen
The line overview screen, this is the screen the operators use together with the main viewscreen to operate the railway. It's possible to zoom in on any part of the screen and view/change the details of any train.

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