The line overview screen explained

main overview screen

The line overview screen allows the operators to monitor all trains and change the regulation of the train service. It can be seen at Bank station if you look through the window of the dlr-office at platform 9. If you know where to look you can locate and follow the train you are waiting for. Here are two parts of the screen explained:

enlarged part of screen Royal Albert to Cyprus on the Beckton route

1: Destination of the train, this one is for Tower Gateway
2: Name of the station, Royal Albert in this case
3: The train itself, this is a 1-car train
4: Safety zone of the train at Royal Albert, no other train can enter this
5: A 2-car train at Cyprus terminating at Beckton

enlarged part of screen Canary Wharf to Crossharbour

1: A train for Bank at South Quay with its doors open
2: A 2-car train at Heron Quays (terminates at Island Gardens)
3: Current target point for the train at Heron Quays
4: Two-car train at Crossharbour which is over 30 seconds late
5: Target point of the train at South Quay

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