The Lewisham extension Crossharbour & London Arena - Lewisham
The DLR extension to Lewisham will bring about 500,000 more people within 45 minutes travelling time to central London. Five more stations will be added to the Island gardens route and two existing stations will be replaced.
map of the extension
The existing railway south of Crossharbour will be dismantled and replaced by underground track.
From the new undergound Island Gardens station the line will continue south in two tunnels under the river Thames to the west of the existing foot tunnel, to a new underground station at Cutty Sark. From here the line will continue underground to emerge at Greenwich station where a new DLR station will be built alongside the existing railtrack station. The extension cuntinues south of Greenwich station on a twin track viaduct to a station located above the A2 at Deptford Bridge and further south to Elverson Road. Next the line will continue at ground level to the new terminus at Lewisham which will be between the existing Lewisham Rail station and Lewisham bus station, served by 36 bus services.
facts and figures
Facts & Figures on the extension

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