The City route From Bank / Tower gateway to Poplar
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DLR's city route is the main connection between the Isle of Dogs and central london. It originally started at Tower Gateway, just a short walk from Tower Hill. The elevated Tower Gateway station exists of a single platform with tracks on both sides.
Image: Tower Gateway station
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From here the line runs next to British Rail tracks with Shadwell station as the next stop. Shadwell station has one island platform with stairs and a lift down to street level. Limehouse station, which is also a British Rail station is next on the line. East of Limehouse station the line continues over a 1840 built brick arch viaduct to Westferry station with two side platforms, again with stairs and lifts to street level. From here the trains either climb to join the Poplar-West India Quay tracks or the trains continue east to Poplar station and on to Beckton. In 1991 the city line was extended further into the city to a new underground station at Bank with connections to 5 london underground lines. The bank extension runs through 2 seperate tunnels and joins the single line from Tower Gateway just before Shadwell station.
Bank station, click for full-size

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