The Beckton route Poplar - Beckton
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Trains heading for Beckton leave Poplar station using the most northerly of the four tracks, trains from beckton arrive on the most southerly track. After leaving Poplar, the trains climb a viaduct over the stratford tracks and continue as an elevated railway to Blackwall station, a simple viaduct station with two side-platforms. The next stop is East India, a 3-level station with platforms at high level, and a walkway at intermediate level connecting the two platforms to the East India development to the north. There are escalators and lifts to all levels.
East-India station, click for full-size A train crossing the meridian line
Right after East India station the trains cross the meridian line. The next station on the line is Canning Town, a 3 level station with connections to the north London Railway and the extended Jubilee line. The DLR part of canning town station opened the 5th of march 1998. Both the Canning Town station and Jubilee line extension are still under construction. Royal Victoria and Custum House are the next two ground level stations before the trains start climbing the Connaught Viaduct with Prince Regent station at the beginning. The station has an extra wide single platform and staircase. The trains continue via Royal albert station, a viaduct station with two side platforms, to Beckton Park and Cyprus. Both stations are identical and build under elevated roundabouts. There's a footbridge over the tracks but underneath the roundabout connecting the two platforms.
The new Canning Town station, click for full-size
I'm sorry there's no train in the picture, i was told to leave the station while adjusting my camera so all i managed to shoot was this picture. A daylight shot of Canning Town station taken by Alan Reekie on the 10th of october 1998 can be found below.
After Cyprus station the trains turn northwards to the elevated Gallions Reach station which is identical to Royal Albert station, passing the Beckton depot to the east of Gallions Reach station. The line continues to the nort west to terminate at Beckton station, a single island platform station with a ramp and staircase to street level.
Canning town station with the millenium dome in the background. Click for full size
The Beckton terminus, click for full-size

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